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Recommended Reading on Arminianism

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The following books are recommended for studying Arminianism.  I do not agree with them all and do not endorse everything that the authors have written otherwise.  I simply feel these books are worth reading while studying Arminianism.

The Works of Arminius

Arminius Speaks

Grace, Faith, Free Will

Arminius: A Study in the Dutch Reformation

Jacob Arminius: Theologian of Grace

A Theological Dictionary

The Faith Once For All

Troubling Questions for Calvinists and All the Rest of Us

The Dark Side of Calvinism

The Grace of God and the Will of Man

What The Bible Says About God the Creator
What The Bible Says About God the Ruler
What The Bible Says About God the Redeemer

The Attributes of God Volume 1
The Attributes of God Volume 2

The Works of John Wesley

Classical Arminianism

Go and Sin No More

A Wesleyan-Holiness Theology

Arminian Theology: Myths and Realities

Against Calvinism

Why I Am Not A Calvinist

Systematic Theology

The Believer’s Conditional Security

Life in the Son

Elect in the Son

The New Chosen People

The Death Christ Died

And the Petals Fall

Whosoever Will

Perspectives on Election

God’s Strategy in Human History

The Transforming Power of Grace

The Arminian Confession of 1621

Foundations of Wesleyan-Arminian Theology

Unconditional Eternal Security: Myth or Truth?

Four Views on Eternal Security

Written by The Seeking Disciple

04/19/2012 at 6:35 PM

5 Responses

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  1. A new book “Free to Say No? Free Will and Augustine’s Evolving Doctrines of Grace and Election” is an excellent study from an Arminian perspective

    Augustine Larson

    01/18/2013 at 6:04 PM

  2. […] I recently had an Arminian brother e-mail me to ask why I read Calvinists works such as blogs, books, and listen to their sermons?  He believes that as Arminians we should fill our minds with Arminianism to combat the errors of Calvinism.  In some ways, I agree.  I do believe that Arminians should read the works of Arminius (and you can easily obtain them on your Kindle) or read various works from Arminian theologians such as Dr. Vic Reasoner, Dr. Robert Picirilli, or Dr. Jack Cottrell.  People are surprised to find that there are actually a number of good Arminian resources available and I have linked to many of them here. […]

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