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ESPN and the Beating of the Homosexual Drum

For ESPN, it is clear that they are here for more than sports.  When ESPN first came out, it was a dream channel for men.  It was full of sports and more sports.  I can remember working at a business back in the 1990’s where we would take our lunch break around Sportscenter so that we could catch up on sports scores.  That was all there was to it.  They might run a story here and there about something unique to sports but they didn’t beat a drum in favor of politics nor of homosexuality.  It was not an issue.  And that was why we loved watching ESPN.

But today ESPN is beating their drums loud and clear in favor of homosexuality.  Nearly every week they feature a story in favor of a “gay” athlete who has come out or is seeking to be the first in their sport.  From the NBA to the NFL, we are given story after story about a homosexual athlete.  This is the “civil rights” issue of this generation or so we are told.  ESPN has clearly taken its position.

What is not allowed is any debate.  ESPN will not tolerate any person holding a different position on this issue.  ESPN has yet to feature a story about former homosexuals.  ESPN has yet to allow anyone who can show that homosexuality is not natural, is not something people are born with, and no former homosexuals have been allowed to share their stories about coming out of the sin of homosexuality.  Instead, ESPN continues to beat the drum that homosexuals are just average people who just want to live their lives.  I’m okay with that so why beat the drum all the time?  Why force us to watch programs aimed at making homosexuality “marriage” legal?

That is why I don’t watch ESPN anymore.  I also don’t follow them online.  I will not give service to them.  I am tired of this being pushed down upon me.  I just want sports.  I want sports scores.  I don’t need to know that so and so is now the first homosexual at this sport.  I just want to know if my team won or lost.  But ESPN is now bigger than sports and so they beat the drum in favor of their liberal policies and viewpoints.  No debate allowed.  No “intolerance” allowed.

So goodbye the good times I had with you ESPN.  You once gave me what I wanted which was scores.  Now you give me politics and liberal agendas that I don’t want.  I’ll find my scores elsewhere.

Written by The Seeking Disciple

07/10/2014 at 4:02 PM

Three Issues Facing the Assemblies of God (And Others As Well)

I had the opportunity to speak with a theology professor from Southeastern University (Lakeland, FL).  I asked him what major issues did he see facing the Assemblies of God over the next few years.  I had previously asked him if he felt that the issue of inerrancy or the rise of Calvinism were already issues facing the Assemblies of God.  He acknowledged that inerrancy would be an issue perhaps in the next ten years but that was not the major issues facing the Assemblies of God theologically.

The three theology issues facing the Assemblies of God (in his mind) currently are:

  • The initial, physical evidence teaching.
  • Same-sex “marriage.”
  • Abstinence from alcohol.

In brief, the Assemblies of God has taught, since its founding in 1914, that the initial, physical evidence of the baptism in the Holy Spirit is speaking in tongues according to Acts 2:4.  Having grown up in the AG’s, I know firsthand that speaking in tongues was preached as the first sign that one was truly baptized in the Spirit.  One could be saved apart from this experience (Romans 8:9) but one could not claim to be baptized in the Spirit apart from speaking in tongues.  While speaking in tongues was not the end all of the Spirit-filled life, it was the doorway to the Spirit-filled life.  This doctrine, I feel, was a reactionary doctrine rather than a biblically based doctrine.  In other words, the early Pentecostals were reacting mainly to the Holiness Movement over whether they were baptized in the Spirit.  The early Pentecostals contended that only they were truly Spirit-filled since they spoke in tongues like the Apostles in Acts 2.  Many younger Assemblies of God ministers now reject such a position though the AG’s maintain the doctrine as essential.

The second issue is facing all of biblical Christianity and that is over same-sex “marriage.”  For me, the issue is not an issue other than going against the culture on this one.  It will be unpopular to oppose same-sex “marriage” but we must stand firm and if we hold to the authority of the Word of God, we will stand firm.  I predict the seeker churches, the pragmatic churches, those who are soft on the issue of biblical authority, topical preachers, etc. will cave in most cases to the culture and will allow (or tolerate) same-sex “marriage.”  However, those who hold to inerrancy and infallibility of the Bible and who preach expository sermons will face persecution.  We must stand firm for the truth of God no matter what it costs us.

The last issue about abstinence from alcohol is because the new cultural norm in the United States is following Europe on this one.  The AG’s has preached abstinence for many years and requires all their ministers to abstain from all alcohol.  With alcohol now being a normal part of American life, the AG pastors are beginning to question whether the abstinence doctrine is a cultural doctrine and not found in the Bible.  Personally, I have long preached against drunkenness (Ephesians 5:18) and I do believe that alcohol is dangerous but I also don’t believe that an air-tight case can be made for abstinence.

I fear that the AG’s must deal with the issue of inerrancy.  The Assemblies of God has, in their Sixteen Fundamental Truths, affirmed the Bible as the Word of God but nothing is said about inerrancy.  I fear that as the Church of the Nazarene has now gone astray in many ways and has adapted to postmodernism in their churches and seminaries, the Assemblies of God will face this if they don’t preach and proclaim the Bible as the inerrant and infallible Word (John 17:17).  When a church is facing a culture that no longer regards Christianity and has no concept of absolute truth, the loss of biblical authority will spell their doom.  A movement that does not preach the absolute authority of the Bible will fail and will become nothing more than a social movement that deals with social issues but will not preach the gospel and will see no lasting results because God will not be in it.

Just my thoughts on these issues.

Written by The Seeking Disciple

05/21/2014 at 10:10 AM

God, the Gospel, and the Homosexual Challenge

Here is a link to Dr. Al Mohler’s book, God & the Gay Christian?.  The book focuses on a biblical response to Matthew Vines who has challenged evangelicals over the issue of homosexuality and the gospel.  Vines argues that one can be a committed disciple of Jesus and yet still be a homosexual.  Dr. Mohler (and three other brothers) tackle this difficult subject with much grace and with the Word of God.

This issue will be (and has been) a key point in our culture.  People want to know what the Church of Jesus Christ believes about the issue of homosexuality.  Is it a sin?  Can one be a homosexual and still be a disciple of Christ?  Does the Bible condemn homosexuality or only certain forms of it?

I do pray that homosexuals will see the mercy of God in our preaching toward them and not hatred.  I certainly do not hate homosexuals and I only long for them to know the freedom that is in Christ Jesus.  I rejoice in the precious truths of the gospel because the gospel shows me more and more that I need Jesus every single day.  I am far from perfect!  I need His intercession (Hebrews 7:25) and without His grace, I would be lost.  It is only by His infinite grace that I am saved (Ephesians 2:8-9) and not because of who I am or what I have done (Titus 3:5-7).  May this be the message that we preach to all – that Jesus saves from sin (Matthew 1:21) and that He truly washes away our sins (1 Corinthians 6:9-11).  May our cry be John 6:37!

Written by The Seeking Disciple

04/23/2014 at 2:22 AM

Why Jackie Robinson and Michael Sam Are Not The Same (And Never Will Be)

Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier of Major League baseball in 1947.  Robinson made baseball better because of it.  Robinson also was a star on and off the field even after his retirement from baseball.  His number “42” remains the only number to be retired by all MLB clubs to this day and I suspect it will forever be that way (though Hispanics want Roberto Clemente’s number retired in all clubs as well).

Today ESPN and others are pushing for Michael Sam to be hailed too for he is about to be the first openly homosexual player in NFL history.  We are being told over and over and over again how brave Sam is for doing what he is doing and how he is changing the game the way that Robinson changed baseball (and sports) for the better in 1947.  Sam is being compared to Robinson in every way.

But there are major differences between the two.

First, Robinson, before 1947, was banned from Major League baseball for one reason: his skin color.  This was nothing he could change.  Sadly, many Negro League players could have been MLB stars had they been given the right to just play baseball.  Great Negro League players such as Josh Gibson, Satchel Paige (when he was in his prime), and many others.  We also forget that Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, and many other black players started in the Negro Leagues because of racism.

Racism is profoundly different from homosexuality.  A man cannot change the color of his skin.  His skin is sacred because his skin color has been given to him by God.  Underneath, a black man is no different from a white man nor a white man different from an Asian man.  Our skin pigmentation might be different but inside, we are still humans.  A black man could marry an Asian woman and produce offspring that while mixed in their skin color, they would still be human.  Skin color then is precious before God.  Racism is the sin of thinking that one skin color is better than others.  We must remember God’s promise in Galatians 3:28, “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you all one in Christ Jesus” (NIV).  This is not taking away our unique sex given to us by God nor our skin color nor our language, etc.  It is simply pointing out that in Christ Jesus, we are one.  God’s children are those who have been baptized into Christ (Galatians 3:26).  In reality, God sees people either as in His Son or outside of His Son (John 3:36; Colossians 1:13).  We are either sheep or goats (Matthew 25:31-46).

Jackie Robinson could never change his skin color.  But he could be a great baseball player.  And he was.  He won the 1947 National League Rookie of the Year and went on to lead the Dodgers to the 1947 World Series (which they lost).  He won the National League MVP award in 1949.  By the end of his career (10 years!), Robinson would retire with a .311 career average.  He hit 137 home runs and stole 197 bases.  His team was in the World Series 6 out of the 10 years he played and won the World Series in 1955 (by the way, Robinson’s Dodgers were 1-5 against the New York Yankees in all those World Series’).  Robinson was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1962.

Now Sam has yet to play a down in the NFL so it’s actually not fair to pit stats from Robinson against him and they do play two different sports but my point is that Robinson was proving something, he was showing the world that the color of a man’s skin has nothing to do with his talents.  Robinson was showing that a black man could play with the white players in the Majors.  His skin color had nothing to do with his greatness on the field.  Robinson was elected to the Hall of Fame for being a great baseball player first and foremost and not just for the fact that he was the first man of color to play in the Majors.  I suppose that would have been the case had he not had a great career but Robinson left no doubt about his talents.

On the other hand, Sam is being praised for being the first openly homosexual in the NFL.  Again, he has yet to play a down.  Most are picking him to be a mid round pick meaning that he still needs some work to become a great NFL player.  Perhaps he will be but perhaps he will not.  Yet sports writers are praising Sam as if he is Robinson, as if he has performed at the same level.  He has not.  Not yet.

Further, Robinson was a humble man.  When asked why he was trying to make it with the Dodgers, Robinson simply said, “I just want to play baseball.”  Robinson knew what was at stake but he also knew that baseball was meant to be colorblind.  After all, a box score doesn’t show a man’s color.  It only shows what he and his team did that day.  Robinson opened the door for other men of color from blacks to Hispanics to Japanese to become Major Leaguers.  He is right to be praised.

Sam has made one decision here.  He has announced he is a homosexual.  A position, by the way, that he could change (1 Corinthians 6:9-11).  Robinson never had that chance.  Sam has been praised for his sexual desire and lauded by ESPN as being so brave to go into the “manly” NFL as an openly homosexual player.  This is an issue of choice and not an issue of skin color.  To this day there is no proof that a person is born a homosexual.  It is a lifestyle choice.  It is a choice about sex.

Robinson (and others before him) were banned from baseball because of their skin color.  A fact they could not change nor needed to.  This was not a choice.  This was not a sin.  The sin was others racism toward them and not their own.

Sam has not been banned from the NFL.  In fact, the NFL nor any other professional clubs ban homosexuals or any other person from trying out for them.  They are concerned only with helping their teams win.  If you can make the team, you are in the NFL.  Homosexuality is not the same as the skin color ban of the former professional sports.  Not even close.  Jason Collins is still playing in the NBA as an openly homosexual player.

In closing, I wish Sam no ill will.  Perhaps he will make a great NFL player.  Perhaps not.  Either way, I don’t think this will be because of his homosexuality.  If Sam makes it in the NFL, it will because he played good football.  Meanwhile, Sam (who is black), will play next to all skin colors.  None of them will be banned from playing for their skin color.  Nor will Sam be banned from playing because of his sexual desires.  But Sam will play because of Jackie Robinson.  Had Robinson not done what he did in 1947, Sam would not be allowed to play in the NFL nor would he have played for Missouri in college.  He would be watching or playing in a Negro League because of his skin color.  Robinson changed that.

In the end, Sam will never be like Jackie Robinson.  Robinson’s skin color was obvious.  He represented a whole group of people who were banned from the Majors for one reason: racism.  Homosexuals are not the same.  There are black, white, Hispanic, Jewish, etc. homosexuals.  There are no people groups whom we can point to and say, “Homosexuals” like they could at Robinson.  Homosexuals are linked together by one prominent idea: a sexual preference.  Skin color is not even an issue.  These two men were completely different and represented totally different things.

Let us pray for Michael Sam.  He can be transformed by God’s grace and mercy.

Written by The Seeking Disciple

03/23/2014 at 7:00 PM

Thoughts on Michael Sam’s “Coming Out”

ESPN is going crazy with story after story now that the first NFL fully openly homosexual player has come.  They have been seeking this for some time.  Some were trying to say that Aaron Rogers, the Green Bay quarterback, was homosexual but he denied such rumors.  The idea of an openly homosexual player in the most popular sport in the United States has been something that has been sought for some time.  ESPN has been praising Sam, a Missouri defensive player who is going to be drafted in the upcoming draft in May.  Sam is a solid player and I will not deny that he is good.  I saw him play when South Carolina faced him and he was a solid NFL type player.

From a sports perspective, I don’t care if the player is a homosexual.  From a pure sports angle, I don’t care what the color of the skin is of the player, where they are from, what college they played, who their favorite singer is, etc.  I just want to see them play on the field.

Yet ESPN will not stop there.  Neither will any other of the media.  Sam will be watched, praised, and never criticized for his lifestyle nor his talents on the field.  He will get a pass.  Unlike say a Tim Tebow, who did have his skill faults, but was consistently ridiculed by ESPN.  I have seen Tebow being criticized for being a virgin and because he avoids sexual immorality yet Sam gets praised for his sexual choice.  The unfair agenda is clear.  Sam must succeed just like President Obama has to go out a success and never a failure since he was the first African-American president.  Sam, being the first openly homosexual player, must succeed and both the NFL and major sports venues will make sure he does.

Of course I wish him no ill will.  I pray that Sam will, in time, repent of his sins and become a disciple of Jesus.  I pray that he will one day announce (and lose his job on the same day by doing so I would add) that he has repented and is now a disciple of Christ and is free from his sins.  Jesus can and does do this (Ephesians 1:7).  Scripture is clear that homosexuals (like all us sinners) can be saved from their sins (1 Corinthians 6:9-11).

The one thing this does guarantee for Sam is that he will be sought after by NFL teams for not just his playing but the fact that he is a homosexual.  NFL teams want this.  Further, Sam can play a few years and even if he doesn’t have long-term success on the field, he can write a book on this and even do a movie (or a play) on his “coming out” as the first openly homosexual NFL player.

I predict that most sports fans will not care.  Sadly, the NFL praises a guy like Michael Sam for his “bravery and honesty” in coming out but they don’t praise NFL players for being brave and honest when they disagree with homosexuality (just google Chris Culliver of the San Francisco 49ers).  Further, the NFL never praises their players for being faithful heterosexuals who love their wives and are good to their children.  I find this the real tragedy through it all.

Again, I think Sam was a good college player.  Not the best I have seen but a good player.  I wish him success in the NFL (whether homosexual or not) but I do pray that he repents and turns to Christ.  And I pray that we would learn to see men of God as role models rather than Michael Sam.

Written by The Seeking Disciple

02/10/2014 at 1:32 AM

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Tony Miano Arrested For Preaching Against Sin In England

Here is a link to an article of brother Tony Miano being arrested in England for preaching against sin.  I watched the post-arrest video from Tony concerning this event.  Tony and his team were preaching the gospel and passing out tracts at the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament in England.  Tony chose to preach from 1 Thessalonians 4:3-7 and was preaching against all sexual immorality including homosexuality.  A woman heard Tony preaching against homosexuality, cursed at him as she walked by, and then called the police to complain about his sermon.  The police arrived and arrested Tony for his “hate speech” against homosexuals.

Tony was then taken to a police station where he was questioned about his faith in Christ.  The British asked him where in the Bible he was preaching, did he hate homosexuals, would he help a homosexual if they asked him for food, and would he continue to preach against homosexuality if they let him go.  He answered appropriately but on the last question, he told them he would continue to preach against homosexuality since it was condemned in Scripture.  At this point the British told him he would not be released but would have to stand trial for his crimes against homosexuals.

This is coming to the United States.  It will be a crime to preach against the sin of homosexuality in this nation in due time.  My prediction is less than 10 years.  However, the Church of Christ must preach against all sins.  We must not pick and choose what sins to preach against but must declare what God’s Word says about all sin (1 John 3:4).  The Bible condemns not just homosexuality (1 Corinthians 6:9-10) but also lying, greed, idolatry, adultery, racism, etc.  May we be faithful to preach against all sin that robs God of His glory and sends people to hell (Romans 6:23).

Written by The Seeking Disciple

07/04/2013 at 9:46 AM

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