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This and That 10/5/15

We have had a flood here in the Columbia, SC area.  I live about 15-20 miles from Columbia.  We are safe, dry, and sound.  God has been good to us.  I am thankful for those who are praying for Columbia, SC.  The city needs revival.  I rejoice that many of the churches are reaching out to help people during this time.  The church where I was saved will be hosting the national Convoy of Hope (from the Assemblies of God) to pass out water.  I pray that the Lord will save many souls in Columbia, SC by opening their eyes to how quickly our lives can be gone.  People believe this flood is bad but they don’t know what awaits them if they don’t repent of their sins (Luke 13:1-5).

One of the best blogs on the Internet is from William Birch.  I highly recommend you read him everyday!  You can find his blog here.

John Piper’s sermon on the life of Athanasius is worth listening to.  Here Piper not only brilliantly explores the life of Athanasius but how he stood for truth when it seemed everyone was heading toward error.  It was Athanasius who defended the doctrine of the Trinity and helped save the Church from going into gross error about Christ and His deity.

Do you homeschool?  We do and I highly recommend the book A Fundamental Wesleyan Catechism by Andy Heer.  It is a good doctrinal study for children to learn about our Arminian faith.

The Society of Evangelical Arminians is a wonderful site.  You can spend hours reading about Arminianism at this site.

Written by The Seeking Disciple

10/05/2015 at 9:23 PM

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