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Confrontational Evangelism Doesn’t Work

The title of this post is by far the most complaints I have heard regarding confrontational evangelism.  Those who believe that we must “earn” the right to be heard by giving someone a cup of water, offering aid, food, etc. before we can communicate the gospel believe that confrontational evangelism turns people away from Christ rather than to Him.  While many would acknowledge that open air preaching, gospel tracts, and one-on-one evangelism have been used by God in the past, we now live in a new era where people must know how much you love before they will listen to you.  Therefore, entire ministries are dedicated to helping people first before ever telling them the gospel.  Entire churches are designed with the “seeker” in mind so that the “seeker” feels comfortable, they know that you care about them, and they are not scared out of their minds by your language or your gospel.

The reality is that sinners need the gospel.  I believe we can agree on this.  Other than the hyper-Calvinist who holds that “duty-faith” is not biblical, most disciples of Jesus do believe that sinners need the gospel.  My concern is not about whether you reject confrontational evangelism but my concern is the content of the gospel.  Are sinners hearing the gospel from you?  Are you showing them biblically the true God who is holy?  Are you exalting Christ and focusing upon Him or is the “seeker” your focus?  The gospel is first and foremost about God.  It is not about us.  Humans bring one thing to the gospel message: our sin.  The gospel is focused on Christ and how He turns away the just wrath of an offended God.  If your gospel does not deal with the sins that have caused this enmity between God and mankind, your gospel is not a saving gospel.

Now I am all for helping people.  Scripture says that we should do good to all (Galatians 6:10).  Scripture is clear in Romans 12:19-21 that we are to do good even to our enemies and allow God to judge them in His time.  Galatians 2:10 says that we are to help the poor as did the Lord Jesus in Matthew 6:2-4.  I am for helping others.  My concern is that we draw the line there and don’t bother dealing with what eternally matters and that is the condition of people’s souls before God.  Each person we meet today will face Almighty God.  Each person we see driving in their cars, working their jobs, running in the park, watching a ball game, etc. will die and face eternity (Hebrews 9:27).  My concern is that they hear the gospel.  Do they know the truth?  Have they heard of God’s wrath against their sins and that their only hope is the cross?  Have the people I met today heard the truth of Jesus Christ and His saving work?

This is the heart of my post.  I want sinners to hear the gospel and be saved.  Do good to them and for them but speak the truth to them (Romans 10:14-17).  Tell them of the judgment to come (John 16:8-11).  Warn them of hell (Matthew 25:46). Speak to them of God’s grace given to us in Christ Jesus (Romans 5:8-9).  Use the Law of God to show them their sins before God (1 Timothy 1:8-11).  But by all means, speak to the sinners about the Lord Jesus who had mercy upon us and saved us (Titus 3:1-7).

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