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The Society of Evangelical Arminians: The Best Source for Arminian Theology

If you are unfamiliar with Arminian theology, the best source on-line for studying Arminian theology is the Society of Evangelical Arminians (SEA) that I am proud to be a part of.  Many of my fellow Arminian friends from across the United States and around the world all provide various articles addressing Arminianism as well as countering Calvinism.  I read from the SEA each day and enjoy learning much about my own theology.  You can go directly to the SEA site here.

The best source for studying Calvinism, in my opinion, is to visit  Monergism features vast amounts of articles written by Calvinists to defend Calvinism and to counter Arminianism and other theological systems that oppose Calvinism.  Monergism also has many audio lectures.  I do enjoy the fact that Monergism opposes hyper-Calvinism.

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