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The FACTS of Salvation

Here is a link to an excellent article written by the Society of Evangelical Arminians (SEA) president, Dr. Brian Abasciano.  The article is a defense of classical Arminianism in its evangelical form.  I highly recommend it for reading and study.

You can find the article here.

Praying for the Lost by Brian Abasciano

Dr. Roger Olson is making headlines among the theology blogs for writing a post on how he feels that Arminians are not being consistent when praying for the Lord to save the lost.  Dr. Olson’s contention is that this is not consistent with Arminian theology and practice.

The Society of Evangelical Arminian has released the following post from Brian Abasciano, the president of the SEA.  The post is entitled, Arminians Can Be Consistent and Pray for God to Save the Lost.  This is an excellent rebuttal to Dr. Olson’s post.  Brian Abasciano does a good job in a short post of presenting the biblical basis for not only praying for God to save the lost but he also demonstrates that this is still consistent with Arminianism.

Over the years I have seen Calvinists place this argument out there before as well.  The argument is that Arminians are not being consistent in their theology by asking God to save a person.  This would imply that we believe that God would save a person against their free will and thus we deny our belief in free will.  We also would be implying by praying for the lost to be saved that God alone saves sinners by His sovereign power and grace.  This would imply that we reject irresistible grace while yet holding to it since we are praying for the Lord to save a sinner who is against Him by bringing Him to Christ through His power.

Is that really the case?  Do Arminians really believe all the above?  You should read the article to learn the accurate Arminian view.

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