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Should Theological Knowledge Lead to Meaness?

Let me rant just for a moment.  From my reading of the Bible, God honors the humble.  The Lord Himself states in Isaiah 66:2 that He acknowledges the one who is humble and contrite in spirit and trembles at His Word.  How many I know (myself included) have trembled at God’s Word but instead of it humbling me, I grew proud and looked down on those who didn’t have the knowledge and insights I had (or thought I had).

In Colossians 3:12 disciples are told to put on “compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience.”  

In 1 Peter 5:5 we are told that God opposes the proud but He gives grace to the humble.

Does my relationship with Christ produce pride or humility?  Why does theological knowledge often bring pride and meaness instead of humility?  

I’m not arguing here for shallow theology or for not confronting theological errors.  We must (1 Timothy 4:11-16; Titus 2:1, 15).  Yet let us read and ponder 2 Timothy 2:22-26.  

I’m just tired of the pride in my own heart.  Pride doesn’t produce righteousness.  Pride only brings death (James 1:12-15).  I’m tired of trying to prove my passion by my theological knowledge or how well I can rebuke another person (Christian or not).  I want to truly love Jesus not by merely articulating theology but truly loving Jesus for who He truly is (John 5:39-40; 17:1-3). 

So there is my rant and I confess that it’s aimed at me the most.

Written by The Seeking Disciple

01/25/2016 at 12:18 AM

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  1. Amen. I think back of some of the debates I’ve had in the passed and I’m necessarily proud of those moments when my pride was on the line. Good post. Edifying.


    02/02/2016 at 3:25 AM

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