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Do Arminians Hate the Sovereignty of God?

Here is a link to an excellent post over at the Society of Evangelical Arminians by my good brother William Birch on the issue of Arminianism and the sovereignty of God.  This issue rises up every few years as Calvinists will claim yet again that we Arminians deny the sovereignty of God.  I would agree that we don’t hold to the same view of sovereignty as the Calvinists do but we do believe in the sovereignty of God.

You can find the post here.

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  1. Great article! It really is having a clear understanding of sovereignty, that helps.
    Hyper-Calvinism leaves no reasonable explanation for “free will” thus effectively eliminating it from their theology.
    A scholarly study reveals a paradox where both God’s sovereignty, and free will co-exist without conflict.
    Can I or anyone completely grasp that? I would say no, because to do so would be to say the created can explain God completely, thus elevating themselves above the Creator.
    Hyper-Calvinists actually diminish teaching God’s Glory, by ignoring the great paradox, and packaging God in a defined box.
    I believe this is why so many “Calvinist” preachers, actually reject most of Calvinistic doctrines; they are simply incompatible with the part of God’s love He has chosen to reveal to us

    Steve Orwig

    12/06/2014 at 8:57 AM

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