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Introducing the FACTS of Arminianism

One of the reasons that Calvinism has been effective in their growth is the acronym TULIP.  While some Calvinists contend that the acronym does not embody all that they believe and hold dear, TULIP has long been associated with Calvinism and has helped them to quickly clarify what it is they believe.  The system of Calvinism does seem to stand or fall based on TULIP.  For example, if the Calvinist concept of total depravity is true (T in TULIP) then logically unconditional election would follow (U in TULIP).

When it comes to Arminianism, I admit up front that we have no acronym that defines us.  The five points of Calvinism actually do not come from Calvin but from the Synod of Dort where the early Arminians brought five points to discussion.  The kangaroo court that was the Synod of Dort condemned the five points of the Remonstrants and Calvinism was declared to be the orthodox view.  The five points of Calvinism came out of Dort.

The five points that the Remonstrants brought to Dort are our basis.  In this regard, we Arminians then are not seeking to combat the five points of Calvinism per se but to use the five points originally given to the world at Dort by the Remonstrants.  These are our five points.  In short, Arminianism rather than Calvinism began with five points.

The problem with FACTS is simply that it does not flow like TULIP.  For example, I would rather than total inability be first but the FACTS acronym has freed by God’s grace first (F).  This counters the Calvinist doctrine of irresistible grace (or effectual calling these days).  Therefore, as we work through FACTS we will have to jump around.  This is okay since Calvinism does the same with TULIP.  Each point hangs on the other.  With regard to both FACTS and TULIP, they both work off the other points.  For example, F with T.  Arminianism declares that mankind is depraved, total unable to repent of their sins apart from the grace of God.  Therefore the Lord Himself frees sinners from the chains of sin by His grace when the gospel is preached unto them so that they may respond and either reject or be saved by the Spirit of God.  We agree with Calvinists that sinners are incapable of being saved apart from the work of the Spirit and God’s grace.  We differ with our Calvinist brethren over whether this grace is resistible.  We believe that God frees sinners to believe but He does not bend their wills so they are merely doing what God wills but rather God convicts the sinner of their sins but He allows the sinner by their own free will (that He has freed by His grace) to either reject His salvation or submit to the Spirit and be saved.  When a sinner does submit, this is the divine work of the Spirit and the sinner’s regeneration is a sovereign act of God (John 3:3; Titus 3:5).

On my next post on this topic, we shall begin to look at the FACTS of Arminianism.  We must bear in mind that Arminius himself was a former Calvinist.  Arminius esteemed Calvinism and held on to many of its tenets.  This was not a rebel working against the church of Christ.  Arminius was a man who truly loved Christ and wanted to see the truth of God go forth.  While he differed with Calvin and Beza here and there, this was a man who wanted to follow the Bible above creeds and confessions.  I pray that this would be my heart as well.

Written by The Seeking Disciple

10/05/2014 at 11:14 AM

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