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So What Happened To My Emergent Friend?

Back in 2007, the emergent movement was going strong.  While some were beginning to predict its ending, most emergents were crying that this was going to be a mighty movement that would have lasting impact on churches.  

And then the bottom fell out.  

The emergent movement is all but dead now.  The reasons for this are many but mainly the emergents finally confessed to who they really were: liberals.  This led to them leaving evangelical churches or simply making so many liberal statements (such as Brian McLaren) that no one would take them serious anymore but liberals.  Today, emergents still exist but they are not in liberal churches where they belong.  Others still continue to preach their emergentism but no one listens to them but liberals.  For all this, I am thankful.  They did enough damage while claiming to be “progressive evangelicals” so I rejoice that they are now in their liberal churches among liberal folks though I do pray they come to salvation in Christ alone. 

I had a friend who got swept up in the emergent movement.  In fact, it seemed he was heading to the top as one of their leaders.  He was young, intelligent, and yet he had the zeal of a fundamentalist.  He seemed perfect for the emergent movement.  He had grown up in a conservative home with a father who loved the Lord and preached the gospel.  When I became a disciple, he and I became good friends.  We spent many nights praying, talking theology, witnessing, and singing hymns.  Life pulled us apart for a while until we begin to talk through e-mails and he revealed that he was emergent.  He even started an emergent youth camp (the differences was that they had no worship service, no preaching per se but they would paint, burn candles, chant, etc.).  My friend earned his doctorate during this time from a liberal seminary.  

My friend is the picture of the emergent movement.  He is a shell of what he use to be.  He doesn’t pray, doesn’t evangelize, doesn’t enjoy listening to music that honors the Lord, doesn’t read the Bible much at all (though he said he studied a bit for his degree).  He doesn’t rejoice in people repenting of sin.  He doesn’t baptize.  He is not concerned at all with the things of the Lord.  His interest now is beer, women, liberal causes such as homosexual “marriage” and fighting for human rights in the world.  Oddly, he is silent about Christians suffering in the Middle East as a human rights issue.  He uses social media to spur on people not toward godliness (Hebrews 10:24) but toward liberalism.  He never mentions the Lord Jesus (unless it is about a liberal cause that he feels Jesus would be apart of) and he never speaks about God in terms of actually knowing Him.  

My friend is just what the emergent movement was and is: liberal.  He has faith now only in himself.  He rejects the inerrancy of the Bible, rejects that Christ alone is the way to salvation, rejects miracles, rejects the Christian worldview.  My friend is nothing more than a liberal who is here now to just make the world a better place until we pass on to the great unknown.  He and I are complete opposites now on nearly every issue.  

My friend needs Jesus.  I have prayed many times for him to repent.  I have prayed many times that he would see the errors of his ways and submit himself to God.  Satan continues to feed him lie after lie and he keeps accepting them.  My old friend loves his sin and this keeps him from repenting.  He believes he has been liberated but he is now in horrible chains that will bind his soul forever in hell.  I do pray that he repents before it is too late (Hebrews 9:27-28).  


Written by The Seeking Disciple

08/14/2014 at 5:09 PM

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