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Thoughts on the MLB All-Star Game

When I was a kid, the MLB All-Star game was fascinating to watch.  It was cool to see players from the National League taking on the best from the American League.  Yes there was the fan voting that typically allowed players who were not the best at their positions get on the teams as starters but they were usually pulled after one at bat and a few innings on the field to allow better players to play.

Now the All-Star game is suppose to mean something more than an exhibition game.  After the tie debacle in 2002, MLB made the winner of the All-Star game the home field advantage team in the World Series.  I wonder if this is real motivation for the Allstars?  Perhaps a team in first such as Oakland might care but most teams don’t.  I see no point in making an exhibition game into the deciding factor for home field in the World Series.  Before 2002, MLB alternated the home field advantage between the leagues.  I think what works best is the best record of the teams heading into the World Series.  Last year, St. Louis and Boston had the same records but St. Louis had a slightly better divisional record.

The All-Star game also use to have more meaning before inter-league play.  Now that teams regularly play each other, the All-Star doesn’t feature never before seen match ups.  I can remember the 1980’s when Nolan Ryan would be facing Dave Winfield or Orel Hershiser facing Jose Canseco.  Now we regularly get this week after week with inter-league play.

But I will say that out of the three major sports in the United States, the MLB All-Star game is the best.  I am not an NBA fan and find their 133-130 score at their All-Star game to be pointless.  I find the NFL All-Pro game to be the worst.  In their passion not to get hurt, NFL players at the All-Pro game allow for easy scores, easy catches, easy tackles, etc.  In other words, a pointless game.  At least MLB players appear to try.

In the end, I think that the MLB All-Star game should be what it use to be: an exhibition with nothing on the line.  These guys should count it an honor to be an MLB All-Star and play with passion for the fans.  This is what the game is about after all: the fans.

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07/15/2014 at 11:11 AM

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  1. I agree the MLB all-star game is the best of all the major sports. I do like that the MLB does attempt to make the game mean something. Whether the game should dictate home field advantage or not, I do not know.


    07/15/2014 at 5:36 PM

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