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ESPN and the Beating of the Homosexual Drum

For ESPN, it is clear that they are here for more than sports.  When ESPN first came out, it was a dream channel for men.  It was full of sports and more sports.  I can remember working at a business back in the 1990’s where we would take our lunch break around Sportscenter so that we could catch up on sports scores.  That was all there was to it.  They might run a story here and there about something unique to sports but they didn’t beat a drum in favor of politics nor of homosexuality.  It was not an issue.  And that was why we loved watching ESPN.

But today ESPN is beating their drums loud and clear in favor of homosexuality.  Nearly every week they feature a story in favor of a “gay” athlete who has come out or is seeking to be the first in their sport.  From the NBA to the NFL, we are given story after story about a homosexual athlete.  This is the “civil rights” issue of this generation or so we are told.  ESPN has clearly taken its position.

What is not allowed is any debate.  ESPN will not tolerate any person holding a different position on this issue.  ESPN has yet to feature a story about former homosexuals.  ESPN has yet to allow anyone who can show that homosexuality is not natural, is not something people are born with, and no former homosexuals have been allowed to share their stories about coming out of the sin of homosexuality.  Instead, ESPN continues to beat the drum that homosexuals are just average people who just want to live their lives.  I’m okay with that so why beat the drum all the time?  Why force us to watch programs aimed at making homosexuality “marriage” legal?

That is why I don’t watch ESPN anymore.  I also don’t follow them online.  I will not give service to them.  I am tired of this being pushed down upon me.  I just want sports.  I want sports scores.  I don’t need to know that so and so is now the first homosexual at this sport.  I just want to know if my team won or lost.  But ESPN is now bigger than sports and so they beat the drum in favor of their liberal policies and viewpoints.  No debate allowed.  No “intolerance” allowed.

So goodbye the good times I had with you ESPN.  You once gave me what I wanted which was scores.  Now you give me politics and liberal agendas that I don’t want.  I’ll find my scores elsewhere.


Written by The Seeking Disciple

07/10/2014 at 4:02 PM

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  1. Roy,

    I had to think on this for a couple of days before responding. Otherwise, my response would not have been so cordial.

    Do you think that the filthy, greedy, sexually immoral lives of many, many, many heterosexual sportsmen are any more righteous than the very, very few gay sportsmen on ESPN? Why focus on ESPN’s highlighting this or that gay man (or woman)? What is it about homosexuality that gets your ire up, but *not* all of the other sins rife in the world of sports? When ESPN highlights and lifts up as a hero other men whose lives are characterized by greed and drunkenness and fornication and adultery,etc., where is your outrage?

    I see this sort of thing among conservatives, and you know that it bothers me to no end; and that means even when it comes to someone like you, whom I respect, and you know I do because I’ve told you before. I hate to see this inconsistency and self-righteousness. I hope that you will take this as a friendly rebuke than an unfriendly rant against someone whom I don’t like. We will not always agree, certainly, but that doesn’t mean my respect for you as a godly man is in any sense diminished.

    We both agree on the homosexual thing. But ESPN’s highlighting of this or that gay person is no more cause for your abandonment than any of the other heterosexual sinners in the world of sports. You can argue about a gay agenda on ESPN, yada, yada, yada. But no unbeliever in the world of sports is any more or less righteous than other unbeliever, whether gay or straight. You don’t have to celebrate what they celebrate, whether in the context of those who are gay or straight. If you watch them to get your scores, then get your scores and let them celebrate whomever they intend to celebrate, whether a gay or a straight sinner — it makes no difference.

    The Lord bless you, Roy, and your family.

    • No disrespect taken brother.

      In response, it has long bothered me that ESPN and others lift up sinning heterosexuals (Jeter comes to mind) while ignoring the righteous athletes who do no wrong in the spotlight. ESPN is ran by sinners (just as others sports programs normally are) and so they are not concerned with any righteousness whatsoever. My point is that they originally came to be because they did one thing: focused on sports. Now they have turned their channel into something else and so they push their liberalism. I don’t have to tolerate this by simply not watching them nor keeping up with them and so I have chosen to do that.

      I was commenting just the other day to my wife that I would love to see a Christian sports channel that promotes godliness above sin. I would love to listen to a sports radio that doesn’t glorify sex, glorify sinning, glorying liberalism. I would love to listen to a sports program that doesn’t use filthy language. All of this (and yes homosexuality) bothers me.

      I don’t want to get my scores while also having to listen to how wonderful the sin of homosexuality is or how wonderful it is that this man has abandoned his wife for this woman (Michael Jordan comes to mind here). I want to simply know if the Dodgers won. I don’t see where it is vital to me to know that this sinful man did this sinful act and I am to praise him for this. I just want to know if my NFL team won or lost. That is how ESPN started and they have strayed far from it. So I opt to turn them off.

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