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Eight Steps to Glory from Jack Cottrell

The following comes from Dr. Jack Cottrell’s text, The Faith Once For Allon which he briefly speaks on the God’s faithfulness in regard to our salvation.  He mentions the “eight steps to glory” from Romans 5:1-11.  I truly enjoy Romans 5:1-11 much and have often sat meditating on these precious verses.

Dr. Cottrell’s eight steps to glory are:

  1. The eternal, infinite love of God, which provides –
  2. The saving work of Jesus Christ, which is the object of –
  3. Our faith, through which we have access to –
  4. The grace of God, which includes –
  5. Justification (forgiveness), which gives us –
  6. Peace with God (reconciliation), which results in –
  7. Hope (assurance of salvation), which results in –
  8. Joy, in anticipation of the glory of God!


Written by The Seeking Disciple

02/20/2014 at 11:34 AM

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  1. You continue to be expensive my friend. Just bought this book by Cottrell. Thanks for tip on Reasoner’s book on ‘inerrancy.’ Wow…he is a gracious guy.

    I am working through some issues of ‘creation’ with a few folks and appreciated Reasoner’s section on ‘science and the Bible.’

    Is there an Arminian position on long-earth short-earth?

    Mike Bayer

    02/20/2014 at 12:13 PM

    • There is not. Arminius never wrote on the subject other than that God created all things. That was as far as he went. I do pray though that many will heed Dr. Reasoner’s call to the full authority of the Bible and let us all remain faithful to the Word of God above all else.

      I’m glad you bought the books. You will be strengthened in your faith my brother.

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