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Thoughts on Michael Sam’s “Coming Out”

ESPN is going crazy with story after story now that the first NFL fully openly homosexual player has come.  They have been seeking this for some time.  Some were trying to say that Aaron Rogers, the Green Bay quarterback, was homosexual but he denied such rumors.  The idea of an openly homosexual player in the most popular sport in the United States has been something that has been sought for some time.  ESPN has been praising Sam, a Missouri defensive player who is going to be drafted in the upcoming draft in May.  Sam is a solid player and I will not deny that he is good.  I saw him play when South Carolina faced him and he was a solid NFL type player.

From a sports perspective, I don’t care if the player is a homosexual.  From a pure sports angle, I don’t care what the color of the skin is of the player, where they are from, what college they played, who their favorite singer is, etc.  I just want to see them play on the field.

Yet ESPN will not stop there.  Neither will any other of the media.  Sam will be watched, praised, and never criticized for his lifestyle nor his talents on the field.  He will get a pass.  Unlike say a Tim Tebow, who did have his skill faults, but was consistently ridiculed by ESPN.  I have seen Tebow being criticized for being a virgin and because he avoids sexual immorality yet Sam gets praised for his sexual choice.  The unfair agenda is clear.  Sam must succeed just like President Obama has to go out a success and never a failure since he was the first African-American president.  Sam, being the first openly homosexual player, must succeed and both the NFL and major sports venues will make sure he does.

Of course I wish him no ill will.  I pray that Sam will, in time, repent of his sins and become a disciple of Jesus.  I pray that he will one day announce (and lose his job on the same day by doing so I would add) that he has repented and is now a disciple of Christ and is free from his sins.  Jesus can and does do this (Ephesians 1:7).  Scripture is clear that homosexuals (like all us sinners) can be saved from their sins (1 Corinthians 6:9-11).

The one thing this does guarantee for Sam is that he will be sought after by NFL teams for not just his playing but the fact that he is a homosexual.  NFL teams want this.  Further, Sam can play a few years and even if he doesn’t have long-term success on the field, he can write a book on this and even do a movie (or a play) on his “coming out” as the first openly homosexual NFL player.

I predict that most sports fans will not care.  Sadly, the NFL praises a guy like Michael Sam for his “bravery and honesty” in coming out but they don’t praise NFL players for being brave and honest when they disagree with homosexuality (just google Chris Culliver of the San Francisco 49ers).  Further, the NFL never praises their players for being faithful heterosexuals who love their wives and are good to their children.  I find this the real tragedy through it all.

Again, I think Sam was a good college player.  Not the best I have seen but a good player.  I wish him success in the NFL (whether homosexual or not) but I do pray that he repents and turns to Christ.  And I pray that we would learn to see men of God as role models rather than Michael Sam.

Written by The Seeking Disciple

02/10/2014 at 1:32 AM

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