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Life With My Kindle

When the Kindle first came out, I was one of those who mocked it.  I said that it would not be a success.  I said that I would rather hold a book in my hand than to read from a computer tablet.  I said that printed books would not be taken away from us and that the Kindle would fail because of that.

How wrong I was.

My first Kindle was given to me for Father’s Day by my wife back in 2008.  I didn’t know that it would change my reading.  Before Kindle, I had to either purchase my books online at Amazon or CBD, go to the library, visit a local used bookstore, or order from Lifeway.  Now I go online and in seconds can have a book downloaded to my Kindle.  It has changed my reading.

In 2013 I purchased only about 3 or 4 printed books.  That is amazingly low.  For the first time I spent more time reading from my Kindle for my own Bible reading.  I have begun to use my Kindle to read Bible commentaries.  My reading now consists of 90% in my Kindle.

What is amazing to me about the Kindle is that I currently have about 15 books that I am reading.  I am reading one book intensely while browsing the others.  I have four Bibles that I am reading from.  Two MacArthur Study Bible (ESV and NKJV), ESV Study Bible, and the Spirit-Filled Study Bible (NKJV).  I purchased the NIV One Year Bible earlier this year but I am enjoying reading from my ESV Study Bible that I will probably just stay with that in 2014.  I also am reading a commentary on the Gospel of Luke. With the Kindle, I can jump from reading the book of Psalms in the ESV Study Bible to reading 1 Samuel in the Spirit-Filled Study Bible to reading Matthew in the MacArthur Study Bible (ESV).

What helps is that there are websites dedicated to offering free to reduced priced Kindle books.  I visit this site everyday.

Let me end with my fears about the Kindle.  I fear that printed books will fade and this will spell the end of bookstores as we have known them.  Barnes & Noble is suffering.  Borders books has already folded.  Walden Books is gone.  I fear that Christian bookstores such as Lifeway will suffer.

One brother commented, “What would happen if Amazon went away?  If all we had was the Kindle, what would become of those books?  What is the Internet vanishes?  What is someone deleted all those books?  Without printed books, what would we do?”  I don’t fear that much.  After all, mankind has only had the printing press for the past 500 years or so and we have done just fine before that.  People still had books though not on a widespread level.

The other negative side to the Kindle is that I have noticed more “printed porn” being the top sellers at Amazon.  These “romance novels” are nothing more than porn in print.  They are hurting women and more and more women are addicted to this filth that will do nothing but destroy (Romans 6:23).  I pray that the Church would preach Philippians 4:8 to our people even about reading.

The blessing of the Kindle is that it allows people to read books.  I use to enjoy carrying my book bag full of books from my Bible to a commentary to a book I was reading.  Now I enjoy the Kindle because I just carry it only and it has all that I need.

These are just some random thoughts on my Kindle.  Happy reading!

Written by The Seeking Disciple

12/30/2013 at 1:24 PM

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