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My 2013 Christmas Book List

Every year I ask for books for Christmas.  This year, because my wife and I asked for a Keurig, I received only one book for Christmas.  That by far is the lowest I have asked for in many years.

I received the book, Holy Spirit Revivals by Charles Finney.  The book was not actually written by Charles Finney but is an assortment of stories from the autobiography of Finney that the publisher put together to help “find forgiveness and freedom from sin, receive answers to all you prayers, know God’s will for your life, increase your faith, be guided by the Holy Spirit, discover keys to winning souls, and see the fulfillment of your heart’s desire.”  I am not sure Finney would have approved what was written as a reason to read his biography.  It sounds more like Word-Faith preacher and reasons to read a book based on the false teachings of the Word-Faith movement than Finney.

I know some folks are troubled by Finney.  I have learned to read Finney like I read Calvinists.  I take what is good and ignore what is bad.  Finney has to be understood in the environment in which he preached and lived.  Calvinism had dominated the northeast of the United States for many years by the time Finney came on the scene.  Finney often reacted to the dead, cold Calvinism of his day.  His harsh words about Calvinism or the exaltation of free will is a response to that.  Most of the theological battles that Finney raged were against the academic Calvinists of his day who were bent on hanging onto old Calvinism and its dead state.  Finney longed for pure, hot Christianity that saw mighty revivals all over the place.  His preaching and his life maintained that passion.


Written by The Seeking Disciple

12/27/2013 at 12:35 PM

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  1. A friend gave me “Slave” by John MacArthur. Since I am starting verse by verse series in Romans in a few weeks it was timely. The entire book is based the Greek word ‘doolos’ which is translated as ‘servant’ most of the time but better translated ‘slave.’

    So far not a heavy ‘Calvinistic’ bent but that may show up in later chapters. John does make a valuable contribution to the issue of how the term and concept of slavery is used in the Bible.

    Mike Bayer

    12/27/2013 at 1:59 PM

    • I read that book. It was a good book and yes MacArthur does turn it toward Calvinism later on in the book. Nonetheless, it is a good book. God bless you my brother.

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