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Just Some Notes About Seeker Sensitive Churches

I get curious about churches in our area from time to time and so I check out their websites to see what they are up to.  Most of the churches I look at are seeker sensitive churches though they might not actually call themselves this.  Most of them would claim that they are simply trying to be “relevant” to the culture around them.  I have never fully grasped this concept.  Whether it was people in the days of the Apostles or today, people do not love God (Romans 3:10) and most hate Him and despite Him (Romans 1:18-32).  People love their sin (Psalm 10:11).  There you go.  I just saved you thousands of dollars you would spend trying to figure out what your culture wants and there it is.

But some of the curious things I noticed about the seeker churches I browsed.

  1. They all like to preach in series forms.  Usually the sermon series must have a cool title like “CHRISTmyths” or “Redeemed.”  Cool, catchy, one word titles are the favorites.
  2. None were expository sermons.  Some are book based such as “Run” based on Jonah.  Some are character based such as “No Shave November” based on John the Baptist.  Most were sermon series’ on topics such as sex or marriage or finances.
  3. All the videos I watched either began with a video clip or the preacher trying to warm up the crowd with jokes.
  4. While I don’t personally care how the Bible teacher dresses as much as I am concerned about his content, all were dressed in jeans (one guy in skinny jeans) and mainly t-shirts.  Holding a bottled water or a coffee cup was a favorite too.
  5. All had contemporary music.  None sang hymns.
  6. The “teachers” (and I put them in parenthesis because they didn’t really teach but just talk) usually bounced around a good bit when using Bible verses.  None were explained.
  7. Illustrations were the bulk of the sermons.  Lots of opinions given.  Lots of stories.  Little to no Bible.  The sermons were big on application but not theology at all.
  8. The most common Bible translation was either the NIV or the NLT.  One guy preached from The Message.
  9. The “call” to salvation was usually the sinner’s prayer or just a “Jesus wants to be your best friend and give you hope” type of call to salvation.  Not one mentioned repentance.  None mentioned baptism.  None mentioned forsaking sin.  None mentioned holiness.
  10. For this, I must admit that I only watched five sermons.  That was enough for me.  Blah!

Written by The Seeking Disciple

12/19/2013 at 9:45 PM

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