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Arminianism and the Penal Substitutionary View of the Atonement

Here is a great article written by Dr. James Leonard on the subject of the atonement of Jesus Christ and the penal substitutionary view.  Some Calvinists contend that not only is the penal view the only view of the atonement that is truly biblically based but also one cannot hold to the penal view and not hold to definite atonement (or limited atonement).  I know this has confused some Arminians to the point that they now reject the penal view in favor of the moral governmental view.

Dr. Leonard’s piece is well written and draws upon Arminianism to show that an Arminian can safely hold to the penal view while rejecting limited atonement.


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  1. thanks for this. I think a lot about this subject and am still not sure where I lie. In the end, I know that Christ died for the sins of the world by taking our sin on Himself and bearing it to the cross and through faith in His blood we are justified. How all the working pieces fit together as far as nailing it down to theological labels, I am still confused!


    11/07/2013 at 10:16 AM

  2. I have started a series of post on Calvinism
    and my next post will be about the fact that the writer(s) of Genesid did not believe in a sinful nature inherited from Adam.

    Cheers from Europe.


    11/09/2013 at 10:56 AM

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