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A Couple of ESV Bibles To Consider

Two ESV study Bibles are coming out that you might want to consider.  The first one is the ESV Key Word Study Bible.  This Bible is very helpful with the original languages of Hebrew and Greek.  The notes focus on the original languages and you’ll find thousands of the original language words defined for you (like a Strong’s Concordance) in the back along with many word studies.  I have an NIV and NASB edition now but will look forward to getting my hands on an ESV edition.

The second ESV study Bible set to come out in June of 2014 is the Fire Bible.  Currently the Fire Bible is out in the NIV (1984) and the KJV.  The ESV Fire Bible will be the first Arminian study Bible found in the ESV.  The Fire Bible has notes that are Arminian in its soteriology but Pentecostal in its pneumatology.  While not all Arminians would agree with the notes in the Fire Bible, an Arminian would gladly accept the study Bible’s notes on salvation and perseverance.

Overall it looks like some good ESV study Bibles are heading our way should the Lord tarry.

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10/27/2013 at 11:56 AM

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  1. Crossway has also released the “Transformation Bible” which has no Arminian contributors. I ordered the top grain leather edition and was unhappy with the binding. They will be changing the binding in the next run.

    The study notes are meant to help believers grow in Christ. I won’t say they are bad–but they are VERY Calvinistic.

    Very glad to hear the Fire Bible is coming out in ESV.


    10/29/2013 at 1:06 PM

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