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Do Your Homework Before Saying It

How often have I been told by someone, “Well you Arminians believe this….” and then they incorrectly summarize what we Arminians supposedly believe.  They are nearly always wrong.

My advice is for both Arminians and Calvinists to not make up teachings about one another.  How often have I heard a Calvinist Bible teacher state that Arminians believe this and that about free will or about the nature of salvation when in fact they are not revealing what Arminius taught about the issue but usually what a semi-Pelagian believes.  Arminius was not a Pelagian nor was he even semi-Pelagian.  He was clearly among the Reformed brethren in his views regarding the sovereignty of God, the nature of mankind, the utter sinfulness of mankind, the nature of God’s grace in our salvation, the finished work of Christ, etc.

So let us both strive to be biblical and not to just come up with what an Arminian or Calvinist believes without first doing some homework.  I would urge my Calvinist friends to read the works of Arminius and learn Arminianism from him.  I would likewise urge my fellow Arminians to read and study Calvin.  I have been begging my wife to purchase Calvin’s commentaries for my birthday this year.  Maybe so.  I hope so.

Written by The Seeking Disciple

09/07/2013 at 3:30 AM

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