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I Miss Sunday Night Church

It seems these days that Sunday night church services are rare.  In my city, other than a few Baptist churches and the independent churches, Sunday night will find the church buildings closed and dark.  Some churches offer small groups on Sunday night as an alternative to both Sunday school and to Sunday night church services.  I will confess that I miss Sunday night church.

When I was saved in 1992, I loved Sunday night church meetings.  Sunday morning tended to be a bit too stuffy and the freedom to allow the Holy Spirit to do what He wanted was largely gone.  People looked at their watches wanting to get out by 12:30 or so.  But Sunday night was a free attitude.  The people who came on Sunday night tended to be the more spiritual and the Bible teacher at our church would often “let his hair down” and just preach the Bible with fire.  I almost always enjoyed hearing our Bible teacher preach on Sunday night over Sunday morning.  The singing and the testimony times would be longer and relaxed.  The intercessory prayer time was longer and more people joined in praying.  Our church did altar calls and the altar would be full of people seeking God for various needs and for the Lord to pout out His Spirit.  It was a wonderful memory for me.

Today, our church that we attend does not do Sunday night.  I know that many house churches meet all Sunday afternoon and I would prefer that over no Sunday night meeting.  However, I do miss the Sunday night meetings.  Perhaps I am just getting old.

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05/29/2013 at 10:10 PM

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  1. The same thing seems to be widespread here in Australia too.

    Our local Presbyterian church started holding informal Sunday afternoon meetings as a contrast to the traditional, strictly hour long morning service. The latter seems to be continued out of obligation more than anything to cater for older, longstanding church members. I think the young minister would prefer to replace it all together with the less formal approach and meet only once.

    Other churches in town seem to limit themselves to one meeting on Sunday – most in the morning, but the pentecostals have early afternoon meetings.

    The original church I attended in my former home city used to have a long morning service (approx 2 hours) and an evening service that ended when it ended. They now have a much shorter, more choreographed morning meeting and have done away with Sunday evenings.

    From my experience this change seems to be a symptom of something else: there seems to be far less commitment across the board, including prayer meetings, evangelism and BIBLICAL teaching.


    05/29/2013 at 10:40 PM

  2. OUr church (Pentecostal) still has Sunday night services. As you observed, the attendance is smaller and the atmosphere more relaxed than in the morning service. We have our samll groups during the week, the group’s choosing their own days and times of day for meeting.

    Bob Hunter

    05/29/2013 at 11:41 PM

  3. As a pastor who does not have Sunday night church, I do think we’re missing something. It’s hard enough to get people to Sunday morning church. It’s amazing how many “secular” events are scheduled for Sunday morning now and how little church attendance seems to mean to people. If I had Sunday night church, I’d be the only one there most of the time. . . kind of like at our midweek service.


    05/30/2013 at 8:51 AM

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