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The Value of Gospel Tracts

You are called to evangelism.  Never forget these words.  The idea that only evangelists should do evangelism is not found in the New Testament.  I don’t doubt that God has called people to be evangelists (Ephesians 4:11).  Acts 21:8 calls Philip “the evangelist.”  The term “evangelical” comes from the same Greek word.  The word evangelism means “to preach (or bring) the good news.”  This what evangelicals were to be known for, for bringing the good news of Christ Jesus to the world.

In this sense of the word, every disciple of Jesus is called to preach the good news to all (Mark 16:15).  The Spirit of God equips us to be witnesses for Christ to all nations (Acts 1:8).  Paul said that we are Christ’s ambassadors (2 Corinthians 5:20).  We are all called, every single member of the Church, to share the good news of Christ.

So how do we do this?  What is an effective way to communicate the gospel to the lost?  I would admit that not everyone is called to be an open air preacher.  Not all of us have speaking gifts to be able to communicate to a crowd.  I myself don’t have a loud voice to preach with in the open air.  I still would open air preach but I fear that I would sound like I am yelling rather than lifting up my voice to speak loud to the crowds.  I don’t want to sound angry or trying to just yell at folks.  Further, in open air preaching you don’t have long to communicate to your crowds.  Most will hear you for about 2 minutes before moving on.  You must be quick to preach the gospel to those passing by.  This requires you to be a good communicator of the gospel.  Some are and some are not.

Gospel tracts provide all of us with the opportunity to preach the gospel to the lost.  A tract given to a person will sometimes go along ways in planting a seed for the gospel.  Always bear in mind that God is sovereign in salvation and He will use our weak tools to draw sinners to Himself.  Gospel tracts may or may not lead someone to repentance but they plant a seed for the gospel (1 Corinthians 3:6-8).  Gospel tracts can even open the door for more in-depth conversations with the person about the gospel.

I recommend that good gospel tracts be: eye-catching, use the Law to convict of sin (Romans 7:7), and point sinners to Christ alone for salvation (Acts 13:38-39).  I avoid tracts that have “the sinner’s prayer” in them.  I even purchased some Gospel of John’s in the ESV but they contained the sinner’s prayer in the back so I had my little boy tear all of them out.  The best gospel tracts come from Living Waters Ministries or One Million Tracts.  I also encourage you to join the Bezeugen Gospel Tract Club.  Each month you’ll receive 30 tracts to pass out.  These tracts are solid tracts with the gospel message.  I make it my goal to pass out all 30 tracts well before the next ones arrive the next month.

I have met a few people who despise gospel tracts.  I once had breakfast with such a man and I asked him why he despised gospel tracts.  He talked about them being offensive, a waste of paper, a waste of time, and about how they were not as effective as “friendship evangelism.”  I asked him how many people had he seen repent from this method (not to compare methods with methods) in his life.  He became quiet.  I told him something along the lines of, “It is not about the method I am focused on.  It is the gospel.  I fear that you are not sharing your faith at all and you are seeking to tear up passing out tracts because you don’t share your own faith and this bothers you to know that others do share their faith.”  He said, “Well, I admit that I think faith should be between you and God and you shouldn’t push it on others.”  I told him, “What do you think of Charles Spurgeon’s words that you are either a missionary or a mission field?”  He again grew quiet.  Each Christian is called to preach the good news.  Jesus didn’t give us a suggestion in Matthew 28:19 but a command.  I believe tracts allow the gospel to go forth.  Only God knows the number of souls that will be saved from them.  Why worry about that anyway since Christ alone is the Savior?

I urge you to order good gospel tracts and begin to share your faith with the lost.  I pray that Jesus is exalted as you go.

Written by The Seeking Disciple

05/11/2013 at 1:48 PM

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