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The Irony of Sports

Jason Collins came out as the first openly homosexual in a major sport.  He was on the verge of ending his career.  His numbers were not impressive at all.  Collins was far from superstar status.  In fact, here are his career numbers:

  • Games: 713
  • Games Started: 476
  • Points per Game: 3.6
  • Minutes per Game: 20.8

His best season was 2006-2007 with the New Jersey Nets when he played in 80 games but averaged only 2.1 points and rebounded 0.6 shots.  That is not impressive.

Yet with his coming out as a homosexual, he has locked himself into a team next season.  Who can pass on Collins?  It’s like having Tebow with the Jets.  He is guaranteed to be a “star” everywhere he goes in our nation where the issue of homosexuality has become a popular sin to defend.  Collins will not help your team win.  He will ride the bench like Tebow did with the Jets but he will sell jerseys as homosexuals will buy his gear and he will help your team be politically correct.  You can point to Collins, who will ride your bench, and say that you have an openly gay player on your team.  Other teams will envy you and NBA players like Kobe Bryant will tweet about how great it is that Collins has a job.

Meanwhile, better players will suffer.  Consider Chicago Bulls guard Nate Robinson.  Robinson is an openly Christian player who has better numbers than Collins.  Yet Robinson likely will not be praised.  The Bulls guard played in all 82 games this year for the Bulls and averaged 13.1 points.  He also shot 79% from the FT line and had 3.0 assists per game.  Yet the media will ignore a player like Robinson for the likes of a Collins.

I don’t mean this to be a bash against Collins per se as much as pointing out that the NBA should be about winning games and not about political correctness and wanting to appease less than 2% of our population.  The facts are that he was not a great NBA player.  He will continue his career simply because he is a homosexual.  I don’t see how that is fair at all.  There are many other free agents who could help an NBA team but NBA teams will jump at signing Collins simply because of the atmosphere we find ourselves in.

I will end this again by pointing out the hypocrisy of the NBA and other major sports leagues.  Where is the praise for faithful heterosexual players who love their wives and are faithful to them on the road?  Where is the praise for married men who are good husbands and good fathers to their children?  Why does it take an NBA player openly confessing sin for them to take notice and praise them?  As a sports fan, I find that Collins career is not impressive at all but because he is a homosexual, the love for him will only grow.


Written by The Seeking Disciple

05/06/2013 at 4:04 PM

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