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Congratulations Marcus Lattimore!

Marcus Lattimore was one of the best college football players I have ever seen play.  It was not just his skills on the football field that made Lattimore great.  It was his ability to motivate players to excellence around him.  The guy was a beast in his sense of team and his goals.  He worked hard and never gave up.  He also had an ability to motivate others around him to be their best.  Before Marcus Lattimore came, South Carolina had some good players but what was missing was the man who would lead.  Coach Spurrier worked hard to recruit Lattimore to come to South Carolina.  In the end, it was Spurrier dancing with

imagesLattimore’s mother in their home that led Marcus to sign with the Gamecocks.  From the time Lattimore arrived, he was a beast.  Few players at South Carolina worked as hard as Lattimore did.  When Marcus arrived, the summer months at South Carolina were spent with family or just goofing off until camp opened in August.  That changed with Lattimore.  He became a leader who demanded that the Gamecocks give all to South Carolina even in the off-season.  Marcus knew that to be great you had to work hard.  He knew that other SEC teams like LSU or Alabama worked out all year even without coaches.  He vowed to do the same.  And the Gamecocks worked and worked and it showed.  They bd a strong faith in God.  Marcus was committed to Christ and it showed in his work ethic and in his team mates.  There was not a player on the South Carolina Gamecocks who did not look up to Marcus.

After Marcus came to South Carolina, Spurrier began to recruit top players much like Marcus and they began to develop a team spirit.  Marcus was the leader with others following behind him such as Conner Shaw or Dylan Thompson or Clowney.

Today, the San Francisco 49ers picked up a great running back.  Yes he was hurt against Tennessee and I thought he would never play again.  He proved most of us wrong.  Marcus is still training and getting ready for the NFL and while he may never been the greatest running back in terms of numbers either at South Carolina (George Rogers is that) or at San Francisco, he will no doubt motivate the 49ers to win.  I fully expect San Francisco to compete for a Super Bowl title with Marcus on their team.  While he may help them here or there, his ability to motivate the 49ers will not be underestimated.  I am proud of Marcus and the man of God that he is.  Ya’ll watch this young man and remember that he loves Jesus.

Written by The Seeking Disciple

04/27/2013 at 7:40 PM

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