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The Aim of the Disciple: Make Disciples of Christ

Jesus said that we were called to make disciples (Matthew 28:19).  He called us, saved us, transformed us – all this so that we would glorify His name in the earth and that we might be a light to draw others to Jesus Christ.

Sadly, some believe their job is to bring people to their point of view theologically.  In other words, their job is to convert disciples to their particular views whether it be Arminians converting Calvinists to Arminianism or Calvinists converting Arminians to Calvinism.  I know of two Calvinists in particular who see it their job to a) answer every Arminian out there on their Calvinistic theology and b) to convert as many people as possible to Calvinism.  These men are passionate about Calvinism.  They adore Calvin.  They adore all Calvinists.  Their passion is to teach others about Calvinism since, in their minds, Calvinism equals the gospel.  They spend hours on Twitter and Facebook and other social sites trying to answer their critics or spread their Calvinism.  Oh yes, they will occasionally praise God for something but in the end, it is Calvinism that is their passion and delight.

Why do they want to convert everyone to Calvinism?  As I stated, they believe that Calvinism is the pure gospel.  They believe that Calvinism along glorifies God and it alone is the true gospel of the Lord Jesus.  They believe that Jesus Himself was the first Calvinist and from Him came the Apostles and eventually Augustine and eventually Calvin and so forth to this day.  They believe that men such as Arminius or John Wesley are men who tried to pervert the true gospel.  They believe that all other systems outside of Calvinism hold to works-salvation.  You can assure them over and over again (as I have) that you hold to justification by faith and that you are kept by faith in Christ but they will in turn argue that your “faith” is a work and that you are not saved by God’s grace nor the gift of faith that He gives to His elect but you hold to salvation by works.  When you quote passages about God saving you by grace through faith such as Ephesians 2:8-9 or Titus 3:5-7, they again will say that you still hold to works salvation since you believe that God saves you because of your faith.  When you argue that your faith is not a work to be saved but is a humble confession of Jesus as Lord and Savior (Romans 4:5), they will again claim you hold to works salvation since you still deny that your faith is a gift from God that came after He regenerated you so that you could believe.  It is a never-ending cycle.  I had one of these two Calvinists tell me that I needed to repent even after I assured him that I was saved by grace alone through faith in Christ alone.  Yet since I am not a Calvinist, I am lost.

I pray that there are no Arminians like this nor that I am like this.  My passion is to preach the gospel of Christ and not Arminianism.  I want to see people saved.  If they become faithful disciples of Jesus and fellowship with Calvinists, so be it.  I only want to see souls saved.  I am not interested in spreading the fame of Arminius or Wesley.  I only want Jesus to be exalted.  I thank God for Arminius or Wesley but do not believe they have ever saved one sinner.  Jesus alone saves.

My heart here is to see us all, both Arminians and Calvinists and all in-between, preaching Christ and Him crucified.  I asked one of the above Calvinists if he was more concerned that I was an Arminian or a disciple of Jesus.  He answered, “A true disciple of Jesus will always be a Calvinist.”  I deplore such thinking.  I want people to be faithful followers of Christ and not a man.  Calvin was a sinner.  Augustine was a sinner.  Luther was a sinner.  Campbell was a sinner.  Ravenhill was a sinner.  Tozer was a sinner.  Only Jesus saves sinners.  I believe these men would tell us to look to Christ alone to be saved and not to flesh.


Written by The Seeking Disciple

04/10/2013 at 6:10 PM

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