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Adam Clarke on the Gift of Faith

Is faith a gift from God?  This is a debate among Christians.  Some (in fact most Calvinists) would hold that faith is a gift given to the elect.  R.C. Sproul, for example, states that faith is the fruit of regeneration (John 3:3-7).  Arminians hold that faith is indeed a gift from God given by the Holy Spirit through His prevenient grace.  Adam Clarke states it like this:

Is not faith the gift of God? Yes, as to the grace by which it is produced; but the grace or power to believe, and the act of believing, are two different things. Without the grace or power to believe no man ever did or can believe; but with that power the act of faith is a man’s own. God never believes for any man, no more than he repents for him; the penitent, through this grace enabling him, believes for himself: nor does he believe necessarily or impulsively when he has that power; the power to believe may be present long before it is exercised, else, why the solemn warnings with which we meet everywhere in the word of God, and threatenings against those who do not believe? Is not this a proof that such persons have the power, but do not use it? They believe not, and therefore are not established. This, therefore, is the true state of the case; God gives the power; man uses the power thus given, and brings glory to God: without the power no man can believe; with it, any man may.


Written by The Seeking Disciple

01/29/2013 at 1:11 PM

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