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The Calvinist Logic of Doctrinal Truth (Satire)

This is meant to be funny so don’t take this too seriously.

The Calvinist logic when it comes to doctrinal truth would look like this:

Jesus was the first Calvinist and He over and over again affirmed the doctrines of grace such as in John 6 or His prayer in John 17.

All the Apostles were Calvinists and defended the doctrines of grace handed down to them by Christ Himself.

Paul was the chief among the early Calvinists with his classical defense of God’s sovereignty in Romans 9 and Ephesians 1.

All the early Church Fathers were committed to the doctrines of grace except the heretics.

Augustine restored much of the damage that had been caused by Pelagius and he kept the Church focused on true orthodoxy as found in the teachings of the original Calvinist, Jesus Himself.

John Calvin was used mightily by God to restore much of what the heretic Catholics and Orthodox Church had done to malign the doctrines of grace.  His associates after him in Geneva were biblically trained to defend and preach the faith.

Jacob Arminius nearly ruined the mighty move of God through Calvin and his successors but thanks be to God for the Synod of Dort following Arminius’ death (another merciful act of God).

John Wesley, while a confused Calvinist himself, brought harm to the Church in England with his Arminianism but praise God that godly men such as Augustus Toplady would resist him.  George Whitefield was a sovereign grace preacher himself and did as much (if not more) than Wesley did for God’s glory.

In America, God used Jonathan Edwards to defend and teach the truth of the gospel as found in Calvinism.

Charles Spurgeon is the prince of preachers by the Prince of Peace.  Thankfully Spurgeon was a Calvinist!

The 20th century saw much harm to the doctrines of grace but the Lord has used men such as James Boice, John MacArthur, John Piper, and James White to once again lead the Church back to the truth.

So there you have it.  The Church was established by Jesus and His teachings and His work in saving the elect of God.  Paul and the Apostles preached Calvinism as taught to them by Jesus.  Augustine and Calvin protected and established the truth of Calvinism.  Arminius and Wesley both nearly ruined the Church but the Synod of Dort has been here ever since to protect us.   Calvinism is nothing more than the pure gospel!


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01/06/2013 at 6:47 PM

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