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Divine Determinism and Facebook

When it comes to Facebook, I am a determinist.  In fact, my Facebook account is completely monergistic.  I choose whom I will to choose.  I do not choose them based on their choosing me.  I am completely in control of my “friends” on Facebook and I even delete them from time to time if they are A) not in line with my likes and dislikes (perhaps they pull for Clemson or something like that), B) they are inactive in fellowship or C) I simply choose to unfriend them.

This morning I spent time in my monergism Facebook account and I unfriended many, many people.  If you were one of them, you simply were not part of the elect.  You were never my friend to begin with.  Our “friendship” was not genuine and you bore no fruit that demonstrated that I had chosen you to be my friend.  I suppose some will be surprised to learn that they were “unfriended” by me but its my sovereign choice.  Some will say on that day, “Roy, Roy, did we not contact you and poke you and send you requests for our games” but I will say, “Depart from me, I never knew you.”  I have some friends that I allow to remain my friends but I block them because of their sins.  They are still part of my “friends” but they are being disciplined by me until they repent and come back to my views regarding what to post and not post on Facebook.

But why then did I choose some and not all?  Why did I choose to friend this one but not that one?  This is a mystery that you cannot fathom.  I chose to friend you and you should be grateful for that.  I could have never friended you.  In fact, I have the right to have no friends at all on Facebook and can simply look at what you are doing from a distance.  Who are you, oh man, to ask me why I choose to befriend this one or not that one?  Am I unjust if I only choose to have one friend instead of all?  It is my Facebook after all!  Yet I am still gracious and my name is out there for people to click on to “add friend” but in reality, only those with a special inward call will accept my friend request and become my friends.  Yet they realize quickly that I chose them and they did not choose me.  Our “friendship” is completely by my sovereign grace toward you oh man even though you did accept my friendship request.   Even that was by my grace (though I will not tell you how this is so nor how I cause the non-friends to not accept my requests though they do so on their own free will but not really).

So when it comes to my views regarding salvation, I am fully Arminian.  When it comes to Facebook, I am a determinist all the way!

PS – This was written to be a joke!  So don’t send me comments blasting my theological views.

Written by The Seeking Disciple

12/25/2012 at 1:48 PM

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  1. Whew, just checked and I’m still your FB friend. I’m glad you didn’t justly forsake me on account of my ungratefulness. As a side note, excessive pokes and game requests are excellent reasons to de-friend someone. 🙂

    Kevin Jackson

    12/25/2012 at 2:37 PM

  2. True – You are sovereign when it comes to FB and this blog as well. I appreciate that you let me comment in it 🙂

    Dale V. Wayman

    12/25/2012 at 7:56 PM

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