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I was interested in reading some of A.W. Pink on predestination today so I googled the subject and lo and behold I read this article from Pink on the subject of reprobation of the wicked.  I will say this about Pink, at least he is consistent.  He held that God not only predestined the elect to salvation but that God also elected the wicked to reprobation.  Near the end of his article he states in clear terms:

We ask our readers to mark well the above language. A perusal of it should show that what the present writer has advanced in this chapter is not “Hyper-Calvinism” but real Calvinism, pure and simple. Our purpose in making this remark is to show that those who, not acquainted with Calvin’s writings, in their ignorance condemn as ultra-Calvinism that which is simply a reiteration of what Calvin himself taught—a reiteration because that prince of theologians as well as his humble debtor have both found this doctrine in the Word of God itself.

Pink made no apologies for holding what he called “a hated doctrine” or what Calvin called, “the horrible decree.”  Some Calvinists hold that Calvin was calling the doctrine horrible in the sense that the outcome for the reprobate was horrible but not that God decreed their destruction.  Pink calls such views as foolishness.  If God elected the elect to salvation then He elected the unsaved to eternal damnation.

Is this the God of Scripture?  Is this the character of God that we see in the Person of Jesus Christ?  The thought that God, who could send His Son to die for the sins of all and thus decree that all who repent of their sins and having saving faith in Jesus can be saved by the work of the cross, chooses instead to damn the majority of humans to hell not because of their sins but because of His own wise and holy (?) decree does make our blood boil.  Count me among the heretics Mr. Pink who rejects such views.

By the way, in fairness, most Calvinists would reject A.W. Pink’s views but nonetheless he is correct in arguing that his Calvinism is consistent with his views regarding God’s sovereignty.  I sit here and ponder whether Mr. Pink ever shared his faith.

Written by The Seeking Disciple

12/17/2012 at 3:03 PM

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