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Book Review: Understanding Theology in 15 Minutes a Day by Daryl Aaron

If you are interested in studying theology but have little time then this book is perfect for you. The title itself suggests that you can understand theology in 15 minutes. Probably a bit of an overstatement there since God is beyond our understanding (Romans 11:33-36) but the title does suggest that if you have only 15 minutes, you can read a theology book. And this is the case with this book.

The book is broken into standard systematic theology studies. The book begins with knowing God and how can we know Him. Dr. Aaron then looks at the Bible since the Bible is the perfect guide to knowing and understanding God. With our Bibles in hand, we can now study God. From there we begin to learn about God’s nature, the Trinity, creation including angels, demons, and Satan. We begin to learn about humanity, our fall into sin, and what original sin. The study of Jesus focuses on His deity, His becoming flesh, His life, death, and resurrection. The person and work of the Holy Spirit is discussed before moving into implications of Jesus’ death and resurrection regarding our salvation. Here Dr. Aaron deals with the complex issues related to salvation such as election and whether Jesus died for all men or not (limited vs unlimited atonement) as well as eternal security of the believer. Dr. Aaron briefly discusses the Church before turning to end times events related to the second coming of Jesus Christ and heaven and hell.

Overall I thought the book was laid out well. Dr. Aaron moves quickly through the chapters and I actually could read them in less than 15 minutes. If you find you are short on time but want to understand the basics of Christian theology, this book is perfect for doing just that. I would take some issues with Dr. Aaron’s views regarding Arminianism (being an Arminian) but I could lay those aside here. His views regarding Arminianism are the only reason I don’t give the book 5 stars and I believe he is mistaken in his views regarding the teachings of Arminius but that is for another debate and another book. Overall, I enjoyed this book and believe you can benefit from it.

I reviewed this book from a review copy given to me by Bethany House Publishers.

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10/09/2012 at 11:40 AM

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