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Martin Luther’s Outline for his Christmas Sermon



I. The Birth of Jesus is Treated According To History.

1. How what Haggai the Prophet wrote was fulfilled in his birth.

2. The most important circumstances of this birth. a. The time when this birth took place. 2-4.

* In what way the Gospel of Christ’s birth brings forth the right fruit. b. His mother as a poor despised and miserable person. 6-8. c. The place where this birth took place. 8-10.

3. The birth itself. a. As a pitiful birth. 11-12. b. Whether this birth took place in prayer and with great joy. c. Whether this birth took place like other births. 13-15. d. How this birth was holy, chaste, and full of wonders. 16-17. e. How high and honored this birth was in heaven. 18-20.

4. The history of the birth of Jesus is full of spirit and life. 21-23.

II. The Birth of Jesus Treated According to its Spiritual Meaning; and A. As To Faith.

1. The things whose spiritual interpretation is set forth. 24-25.

2. The spiritual interpretation itself. 26-27f.

** Concerning good works. 28-32. Two things in which a Christian should exercise himself. 33.

B. As To The Gospel.

1. The nature of the fact whose spiritual meaning is set forth. 34-35.

2. The spiritual meaning in itself, which consists in the following: a. That angels made known Christ’s birth. b. That Christ’s birth took place at midnight. c. That the light shined around the shepherds. d. That Jesus was born in Judea and in Jerusalem. 39-41. e. That the angel said, “I bring you good tidings of great joy,” “evangelizo.” 42-44.

C. As To The Signs.

1. The spiritual meaning of the swaddling clothes. 45.49.

2. The spiritual meaning of the manger.

* Christ wrapped in swaddling clothes signify faith in the Old Testament. 51-52.

D. As To The Messengers that Proclaimed Jesus’ Birth. 54-55.

E. As To The Shepherds, To Whom The Birth Of Jesus Was Proclaimed. 56-57.

* Admonition to love your neighbor. 58-60.


I. How these things are set forth in this song of praise.

A. These three things in general. 61.

B. These three things in detail.

1. God’s glory. a. This glory belongs to no one but God. b. How God is robbed of this glory in Adam. c. Christ restored this glory.

2. Peace. a. The connection of peace with the glory of God. b. This peace is a mark of true Christians. c. The foundation of this peace.

3. Good Will. a. Why the angels added this. 68-69. b. What is to be understood by this good will. 68-70. c. The need of this good will.

* He who will be agreeable to every one, must let every one be agreeable to himself. 71.

II. How we may learn from this song of praise, what kind of creatures the angels are; namely:

1. They are full of light and fire for the glory of God.

2. They are full of love to man.

* Of the birth of Christ a. Where it is described in the clearest manner. b. How it was proclaimed by patriarch and prophet. c. How it is pictured forth in many figures of the Old Testament. d. How and why we should hold firmly to it.

* The conclusion of the exposition of this Gospel. 78.

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