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What Does This Have To Do With The Gospel?

I am not much on Christian music and its sad when my son’s picture Bible has deeper theology in it than “family friendly” radio does but I do try, at times, to listen to Christian radio hoping and praying that God will send a move of His Spirit upon them and they return to being passionate for souls and for the glory of God (Acts 3:19).  However, I heard two songs back to back yesterday and asked the question at the end of both of them, “What in the world were they singing about and what does these songs have to do with the gospel?”  Perhaps someone out there can explain the songs to me because frankly they made no sense to me.  If you had told me they were about dating or about loving someone other than God, I would have said okay but my guess is that since they were being played on “family friendly” radio they are supposed to be about the Lord.

You can find the songs here and here.

The problem with “Christian music” is that its an inch deep and an inch wide as well.  It’s just not good to me.  Gone is the passion of a Keith Green or the passionate singing of a Second Chapter of Acts.  Where is the zeal for souls like we saw in Steve Camp or in Love Song?  Where is the theology?  We have moved from loving and fearing God to dating God.

I do pray that Christian radio would move from “family friendly” to “God-fearing.”  I pray that a zeal for God and His glory would sweep Nashville and clean out the so-called Christian music industry.  Is there not a part of the Church that doesn’t need a touch from God?  Oh how we need to pray for revival!

Written by The Seeking Disciple

07/23/2011 at 10:36 AM

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  1. “We have moved from loving and fearing God to dating God.”

    WOW! Excellent post! Thanks!


    07/23/2011 at 12:21 PM

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